The Terroir

An incomparable and precious legacy in the heart of Saint Julien.

Understanding this Médoc terroir that transcends the fruit of the vine, giving the wine its own signature.


The meaning of the word terroir goes above and beyond its primary definition which is the soil. The concept of the terroir also encompasses the notion of climate, topology and geology. 

The vine plots that make up the Château Langoa Barton terroir overlook the river. The mild temperatures incurring from this proximity imply early ripening, often a sign of good quality. This magnificent outcrop of quaternary gravel brings each vintage to perfect maturity, and the grapes are then rigorously selected before the vinification of Langoa Barton begins.

Grape varieties

The 20 hectares (49 acres) of Château Langoa Barton are planted in gravelly soils with a clay subsoil. The planting ratio is composed of 54% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 11% Cabernet Franc, the traditional Médoc grape varieties. The vines are on average 37 years old.

The 1855 Classification

Langoa Barton already belonged to the Barton family when it was awarded 3rd Classified Growth status in the 1855 classification. Along with the owners of Mouton-Rothschild, the Bartons are proud to be the longest-standing family of winemakers in Bordeaux.

The 1855 classification was initially established with the aim of presenting the wines of the Gironde at the Universal Exhibition of Paris at the request of Emperor Napoleon III. The responsibility of writing the classification was given by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce to the Association of Trade Merchants of the Bordeaux Stock Exchange. Its mission was to devise an official classification based on many years of experience and according to the quality of the Terroir and the reputation of each Château.

The Classification was published on the 18th April 1855 and represented the realities of the market and its evolution over more than a century. Almost 160 years later, the 1855 Classification remains a key reference point and an authority in the wine world.

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