An essential theme at the heart of the families values

Many actions taken to respect the land and much more.


The environmental policy we've been pursuing for many decades is based on 3 pillars: more environmentally-friendly practices at the viticulture stage, with HVE3-certified sustainable agriculture; responsible winemaking practices aimed at reducing the impact of our activity on the environment; and actions taken within the administrative division.

12 hectares of vines are managed without the use of synthetic products, and 80 hectares are divided between meadows and woodland bordering the vines. Agroforestry is a new theme for some, but an age-old one for the Bartons.
No weedkillers have been used since 2010, replaced by full tillage. To nourish the soil a combination of 30% composting residues from the property, and 70% organic fertilizers.

To combat parasites, we use the method of sexual confusion. This method consists of depositing synthetic pheromone diffusers in vineyards, similar to those produced by females. With a high concentration of pheromones, the males are disoriented and can no longer locate the females to reproduce.
Other actions taken include manual harvesting, the use of biodegradable and compostable trellising staples, vime (wicker) vine ties, the use of semi-toxic plants and respect for the insect pollination period.

No phytosanitary products are discharged from the winery, and limiting the use of water is a constant goal in the vat room and cellars. Significant reductions in water consumption have been achieved through a variety of measures, including the use of electropolished stainless steel interior blending tanks, the use of a booster pump to increase water pressure and reduce flow, Barilav technology for barrel cleaning, the abandonment of an energy-hungry air-conditioning system, and the use of a communal wastewater treatment plant.

On the administrative side, our actions are mainly focused on promoting the short circuits of our suppliers, mainly based in the Gironde and even the Médoc, the dematerialization of invoices and the sorting/recycling of consumables. Cardboard has replaced wooden crates on 2 of the 3 family estates.

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